How to sell products with Amazon

In this article, I will show you How to sell products with Amazon.

how to sell products with amazon
how to sell products with amazon

Amazon has maintained a very good brand value between their customer and mostly you may have seen that, If a person wants to buy a product, first he surely try to check it on amazon that weather it is available on Amazon or not.

If you also wants to sell your products online, then you can generate very good sales through Amazon. In order to sell on these market place, you have to register as a seller there, for which you require some documents.

Now, I will show you step by step how you can register on Amazon.

Documents Required for Selling on Amazon

  • PAN Card : Individual PAN Card proprietorship firm. If it is private limited company, then companies PAN Card.
  • GST Number
  • Bank Account : Current or Saving
  • Your Email ID
  • Mobile Number

Let’s start how to sell products with amazon.

First of all visit on If you scroll down, you will get an option of ” sell on amazon”.

how to sell products with amazon
how to sell products with amazon

There you will see two business plan Professional or Individual. We will select Professional and we will click on “get started”.

When we scroll down, they have told the benefits for selling on amazon. Click on register now. Here, a new page will be opened where where will have to make account for amazon seller central. So, first we will fill our names here, then email address and password, then click on create an account.

In the next page, we will have to add our legal business name which means whatever the name by which your business is registered. On agreeing terms and conditions, click on continue. In the next page, mobile verification block will pop up and you will need to enter your mobile number on which you will receive OTP for verification. After this, you have to fill your seller information in which first of all you have to fill your store name which you want to add. Store name should be unique and this store name shall represent your business nature, so that just by seeing your store name, customer can know the type of product which you deal.

Screenshot 30
how to sell products with amazon

In the next block, you will need to fill your address, the state you living, the pincode etc. In the next page, you will need to enter your GST number.

Choose a category you wish to sell. You can choose multiple topic from category. When you scroll down, you have to add some more information. For example, where you will provide products, weather you are manufacturer, importer or you are a reseller. You can choose according to the your position.

This is the final stage to launch your business

Screenshot 23
how to sell products with amazon
  1. create your amazon listing : Here, listing means list of your products on amazon panel and when you click on start listing, we directly comes to the page of add a product.

Here, you can search any product on amazon for listing it on your amazon panel.

2. Set shipping rates : Here we select the courier rates that when a person will place order what courier charges he has to pay.

Amazon uses two types of shipping.

  • Self shipping : In self shipping, you have to ship products by yourself through the third party.
  • Easy shipping : Easy shipping is Amazon’s own logistic in which amazon persons visit you and takes all the shipment and deleiver it to costumer.

Mostly, you receive self ship orders comes only when the amazon’s ship service is not in available in your particular area.

In the next page, they created 3 levels.

Screenshot 25
how to sell products with amazon

Click on continue.

Screenshot 27

From here, you can select shipping rates in which we have two options. first is weight wise and the second is item wise.

If you select item wise, then customer has to pay item wise shipping charges. Suppose you have selected 50 rupee charge per item and if customer orders two units of any order, then he will have to pay 100 rupee as shipping charges.

If you select weight wise, you can categorize it by weight in which according to kg, gm, shipping charges will calculated as cost. So by this we can select the shipping rates.

Now, after filling all your bank details and GST number and your signature, you can launch your business.

Screenshot 29
how to sell products with amazon

This is amazon seller centre account’s dashboard in which there is all the options related to your business.

So, this was the complete process of registering on amazon as a seller.

Referral fees on Amazon

The referral fee is a fee Amazon charges you every time you sell a product. It is a percentage of the total sales price and is usually 15%. The percentage varies based on the product category and can go as low as 8%.

Screenshot 16 1

What is Amazon renewed products

Life is busy and life is also expensive and that a new laptop you desperately need is a bit out of budget.

You can buy used item from someone but it might not work or look like new and it can be hassle if it stops working for some reason but there is a place to get great prices on the products that work and look like new without the hassle. We call it Amazon Renewed.

Video Thumbnail Amazon Renewed. CB1198675309
how to sell products with amazon

So, what is Amazon renewed. Products on Amazon renewed are either used or unused products that are refurbished like new working condition by qualified suppliers .

These products are returned by the customers who are no longer using them. Qualified suppliers on Amazon renewed professionally inspects tests and clean the device so they work and look like new before repacking them with accessories. The products meet the amazon standards and suppliers backs it with a minimum one year warranty.

Amazon pays sellers for their items that were purchased through the website every 14 days. Before transferring funds to the sellers’ bank accounts, Amazon deducts the appropriate referral fees from the sum total. Sellers do not need to worry about paying Amazon the referral fees in independent payments.

Should you buy renewed products from amazon

The company also says that all Amazon Renewed merchandise is “tested and certified to work and look like new by a qualified technician or a specialized third-party. Amazon is like saying you’re going to the mall to buy something. It’s a collection of independent stores all selling goods under their own specific terms and conditions. And though Amazon has its own rules for sellers to keep buyers safe, the responsibility ultimately comes down to the buyer.

Amazon can lend a helping hand to expand your business. If you are planning to tie up with Amazon to sell your products then know that this is an easiest and effective way to reach millions of buyers. Whether you have to sell a little or sell a lot.

Happy selling!

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