How to become an Affiliate of Amazon

how to be an affiliate on amazon
How to become an Affiliate of Amazon

This blog will help you understand “How to become an Affiliate of Amazon”.

Hey guys, I hope that you’ve already done your niche research, you have selected the right keywords and you’ve also purchased a hosting and a domain for your website. If you want to know, How to become an Affiliate of Amazon through amazon associate, your application need to be approved.

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How to become an Affiliate of Amazon

Step 1. is to search for the “amazon associate” in google and click on the associate. This is the place where you can sign up to become an affiliate of

So, the process of becoming an affiliate is fairly simple. All you have to do is click on “join now for free”. If you already have an Amazon account, you can login to your account and then apply or you can create a new account.

Step 2. Now, create a new account for this. All you have to do is fill your details and click on “create your amazon account”. To your email address, there will be an OTP sent, just enter the OTP to verify your account. After this, the process of creating your associate will start.

Step 3. So, the first thing is to add your pay name. In the pay name, you have to fill the same that is on your bank account because there are two modes of withdrawal of money from Amazon associate account.

After you fill your details, there will be a section pop-up where you need to add a website on which you will be promoting the Amazon affiliate links, and you have to add the information about what your website is all about.

Step 4. Once you are done, there will be an option of entering your payment and tax information. You can skip this for now, and there will be a new section open with your unique amazon associate id.

So, whenever someone purchasing through your link, you will be getting the commission of that purchase.

Affiliate links for Amazon

how to be an affiliate on amazon
How to become an Affiliate of Amazon

Now, I will show you how to generate links for the products. The best way is to use the site. After login to your Amazon associate account, open There, you will find a new bar at the top of the page. Its called Amazon associate SiteStripe. So with this, creating the links becomes extremely easy.

Let’s say you can click on any product like a mobile phone. So, all you have to do to create an affiliate account for this product, is to click here on text on that bar.

You can get a full link and short link. Copy the short link and paste in your wordpress custom HTML.

NOTE : Don’t apply your amazon associate account unless and until you have 5-10 articles in your website. Otherwise, your application will be denied.

How to not get banned from Amazon Affiliate account

how to be an affiliate on amazon
How to become an Affiliate of Amazon

Many people ask me How to become an Affiliate of Amazon and not get banned? I myself have been banned, my friends have been banned and I want to make sure that your account does not get banned.

Steps for not get banned:

  • Make 3 qualifying sales within 180 days : Make sure you have 3 qualifying sales within 180 days after signing up.
  • This reason is very common among affiliates for their account to get banned. You cannot use product images from Amazon. Neither you can copy them, neither you can screenshot them, neither you can save them into your download folder then use it on your website.
  • Do not shorten the link : This point is absolutely prohibited from using any link shortening or a link cloaking service because Amazon wants to be able to see the page sending the traffic and also Amazon wants that whenever the user hovers over a link, they should know exactly where they are going to go.
  • You are not allowed to use your own Amazon affiliate link or to encourage your friends or family to use them.
  • Your website should be publicly available where the Amazon Affiliate links are shown.
  • You cannot use Amazon Affiliate links in the email.

So, if you are following all these guidelines, your account won’t get banned.

Payment plan for Amazon

Amazon will pay you approximately 60 days following the end of each calendar month. So, what is a minimum threshold to get paid? It’s $10 for any of the transaction and $25 for the cheque transactions and just like I said, you have two modes of payment, either you can add your bank account, or get paid through cheque. Affiliate commission

These are some of the commission that Amazon give for it’s products.

Amazon affiliate provide not much commission for the products. Some of the products commissions are listed below:

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How to become an Affiliate of Amazon

Hoe does Amazon affiliate works

Amazon affiliate program is way for you as a website owner content publisher to make commission on sales generated on Amazon.

How that would work is if you have a website or blog and you mention a product or book or something like that that’s sold o Amazon. You can use a special affiliate link that Amazon will give you and that’s how they track that so they know that the visitor came from you and so by that tracking anything that person buys on Amazon in a 24 hour period would actually be referred back to you as far as commission was concerned and so the range varies it depends on you know how many items that you refer in a month but typically you are going to make about four to seven percent commission.

If someone end up buying completely different item which you refer, they would still get a commission on that so they don’t have to buy a product you send them which is why using Amazon affiliate is the best idea.

When you look to make some money from your blog or your website because they are so good at selling extra products and selling additional things that you can really make some added commission there so to do that on the Amazon site what you will see in once you sign up as an affiliate which is free to do when you logged into Amazon.

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