How to score 100 in Rankmath seo

We are going to show you how you can use Rank Math’s content analysis to optimize your posts, score a 100 on 100 in the tests, and set up your articles to receive the most traffic from search engines.

When you create a new post, your main goal is obviously to attract traffic to your post, and Rank Math’s content analysis and optimization features are designed to achieve just that.

With each post you create, RankMath seo helps you in optimizing your post to receive maximum traffic by giving you strategic recommendations based on your content. If you follow all the recommendations, then your post will be completely optimized from a content perspective, and the probability of your content ranking will be higher as well.

Step 1. The process of optimization starts with the new post

with every post you create, rankmath helps you optimizing your post to recieve maximum traffic at your post. Now, I am going to show you with every step you should take in order to get 100/100. WordPress dashboard>post>add new

rankmath seo

Step 2. Write a title in the heading

When you wrote title, your rankmath seo score goes to 10. Rankmath seo score button is on the top right corner. Here you can see.

Screenshot 6

Step 3. Start writing a post

The usual workflow for writing articles is that you write the articles first, then you optimize them. Some people also optimize the post while they write it, but we find the first method to be more efficient.

For the sake of this example, we are going to an existing Rank Math KB to the post area. That should be interesting, as the KBs are written to be helpful for you, but are not really optimized for SEO. The contrast will help us understand how Rank Math will help in optimizing posts, even if you are writing a post for the first time.

your post must contain 2500 words.

Step 4. Choose a focus keyword

Focus keywords are the words you want your post to rank for. If you’ve ever done keyword research, you’ll have no difficulty in understanding what you should keep as your focus keywords. The words that users type in the search engines are the best focus keywords to choose from.

Screenshot 8
rankmath seo

You might have noticed that this score is also color-coded. Depending on how you score, it might appear in Red, Yellow, or Green.

Green [81+ Score] : If your overall score is over 80, then the score will appear Green. When you see a green score, that means the post is ready to publish.

Yellow [51-80 Score] : You’ll see a Yellow overall score is your post scores somewhere between 51-79. It means that your post is not fully optimized, and there is plenty of room for improvement.

Red [Below 50 Score] : If your test score is Red, that means it scored below 50 – which is bad. As you can understand, that means your post is terribly optimized for your focus keywords.

Step 5. Basic SEO

The Basic section in the rankmath seo gives you some basic SEO tips to optimize your post. Just because the section is called Basic SEO doesn’t mean that the tips aren’t powerful. It’s called basic SEO because it reminds you to perform “basic” optimizations—basic referring to foundational, rather than simple.

  • Focus keyword in the SEO title : your focus keyword must be present in the title or focus keyword and title must be same.
  • Focus keyword inside meta description : in the above of rankmath sidebar, click on edit snippet, write your focus keyword in meta description.
  • Focus keyword use in the URL : In the snippet, write your keyword in URL section.
  • Focus keyword at the beginning of the content : use your keyword at the beginning of your content.
  • content length : content length must be minimum 2500 words.

Step 6. Additional

  • Focus keyword in the subheading : use your keyword in the subheading ( below title).
  • Add an image alt text : add your focus keyword in the alt text. Click on image>click on three dots(option)in the above>show more setting>on the right side, you can see a bar open as an alt text. Now, write your keyword in alt text box.
  • keyword density : use your keyword 15 times in the content.
  • URL length : keep your URL not more than 75 characters.
  • Link to an external resources : link any text or image to an external source.
Screenshot 12 1

Step 7. Total readability

Screenshot 14 1
rankmath seo

  • Focus keyword at the beginning : use focus keyword at the beginning.
  • positive or negative statement : use positive or negative word in the title.
  • power word : use power word in title like, right now, click to know etc.

So by doing these, you can easily score more than 90 in rankmath seo.

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